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International Women's Day 2023

In celebrating International Women’s Day, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight our event celebrated this morning. From 8:30 am to 10:00 am all the ladies in our offices were treated to a Champagne and Sushi Event where we all gathered to celebrate this special day.

Working in a primarily male-dominated industry it is an honour to see the growth that our group has accomplished so far. With this said, it is similarly inspiring to see the growth and tenacity of each colleague which shapes the foundations of our respective subsidiaries. At present, our group has grown from 5 ladies to 40 women in just over 10 years of operation. These ladies include civil engineers, electricians, cleaners, accountants and even lawyers.

What is established over time is our close-knit relationship between colleagues and management which remains supportive of this inclusive workplace environment. This morning, having all gathered together we openly acknowledged how far we have come as a company as well as acknowledged the support system which we have created in being both colleagues and friends.

In giving our event some further purpose, well-known guest speakers Skevi Koutra Koukouma and Monika Meleki took the opportunity to empower our ladies by speaking about issues close to them. As two women with highly respectable social and political positions, we listened in on the need to acknowledge social issues which persist in our societies.

Individually, Mrs Koukouma emphasised on her political experiences but also drew on her views on abuse and the need to help those vulnerable in society, whilst Mrs Meleti in turn gave us an alternative perspective of her role in theatre, the need to be more supportive of women in high in positions and the need to be more supportive of local theatrical productions.

Both speakers gave us incredibly valuable points and spotlighted the essential role that women have in all aspects of society whether as mothers or as high-level career-orientated individuals. It is clear, that the role of women is not to be taken likely or to be dimmed.

In closing, Mrs Koukouma and Mrs Meleki ended their talks reciting two verses by two different writers which expressed the essence of keeping silent in the midst of social issues. Ultimately, we all walked away both inspired and proud to have had an opportunity to hear from both of these inspirational women. We thank them dearly for joining us today.

Following our talk, all the ladies were treated to some Champagne and Sushi. It is at this point that we would like to take the opportunity to thank Ocean Basket Cyprus for providing us with the food for our event as well as Marianna Constantinides, Maria Constantinides, and Angela Constantinou for helping put this event together.

It additionally should be mentioned that on behalf of the Bioland Energy Group Ltd, a donation has been made to the Association for the Prevention of Violence in the Family.

As a Group, we wish to further grow the presence of women within the energy, construction and trading sectors thus continuing to give multiple job opportunities as well as empowerment and equality to all genders.

We thank all who attended today and may we continue to help and support each other in all aspects of life.

Bioland Info Team

Some Pictures from our Event:

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