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Bioland Energy Ltd specializes on the procurement, design, construction, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks (PV) and the design, installation and maintenance of home and commercial PV installations. Our aim is to be a socially responsible and profitable organisation through building long term relationships with all interested parties. We will always endeavour to keep the highest level of quality in our actions or advice. In this respect, our policy is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that it is always in line with market requirements and our operational philosophy and is available to all interested parties.


Our success in delivering our services is evaluated from the clients’ perspective as well as our own and we constantly seek to review our performance to match our clients’ requirements. To demonstrate our commitment, we have implemented an Integrated Management System incorporating the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS & OHSAS 18001.


The management of Bioland is committed towards continuous improvement of its processes and business practices. It is the policy of Bioland to ensure that each contract is executed from beginning to completion in a manner that sets and maintains the highest level of service, reliability and consistency, always in response to the local legislation, customer requirements and with special attention to health and safety and environmental issues.


It is Bioland Energy Ltd's obligation and target to deliver to all clients the highest quality of services, in a healthy and safe environment for all employees, visitors, sub-contractors & suppliers, as well as any members of the public, with special attention to the protection of the environment.


In support of the above statement, we are committed to:


  • Continually improve the quality of our services in order to exceed the demands of our customers;

  • Set, review and continually improve our performance indicators, objectives and targets;

  • Identify and manage the environmental aspects and impacts resulting from our activities and strive to prevent pollution;

  • Identify and manage occupational risks and strive to prevent accidents and illnesses;

  • Comply with all legislation related to our activities;

  • Provide continuous training to our employees;

  • Improve our communication with our customers, suppliers and/or subcontractors;

  • Improve our operations by introducing new technology and new operating standards;

  • Provide a responsible communication channel for innovative ideas and constructive criticism.


Compliance with the requirements of the company management system documentation is mandatory and binding for all staff. 


Bioland Energy Group Ltd  



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