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Welcome to 2020: Bioland Energy Resolutions.

As we start a new working year we look forward the new challenges and new opportunities which 2020 brings. The start of the new decade allows us to appreciate how far we have come in the past few years as well as paves the way to look at our future. As we look towards the upcoming years we recognise that our potential to contribute towards the environment becomes part of our own responsibility.

Over the past few weeks, news headlines of the recent devastation in Australia caused by the uncontrolled bushfires along with media coverage of flooding caused by the winter rains in Europe have captured the devastation and destruction caused to numerous habitats. Whether North or South of the equator we face a global environmental problem where it is necessary to intervene, plan and support ecosystems, habitats and communities which are in need of help and assistance to rebuild, repair as well as prevent further environmental damage.

We at Bioland Energy are aware of these environmental issues as well as those related to pollution and waste. We continue to strive in finding innovative ways where energy can be created without negatively impacting the environment. For the next decade we are committed to finding solutions through technology and renewable resources. This has been our goal for the past ten years and will continue to be our purpose for the next few decades to come.

As a company we are environmentally conscious and constantly challenge ourselves to strive for sustainable solutions which we can share with our customers. This year we have set a few resolutions which we are determined to carry out in helping us become more involved in paving the way to a secure future where we tackle global issues by first contributing on a local front and through our international projects which include solar energy and pyrolysis.

For the following year we at Bioland Energy are commitment to the following 10 Goals:

  • Support and Promote More Green Energy & Sustainability Initiatives.

  • Create Affordable Clean Energy.

  • Educate Youth About Pollution, Waste & Sustainability.

  • Find New Innovative Technologies.

  • Use Our Platforms to Create Exposure to Environmental Issues.

  • Creating More Interactive Events.

  • Promote the use and installation of Solar Energy.

  • Get Involved in More Social & Community Initiatives.

  • Help Reach and Achieve More Energy Goals.

  • Look for Alternative Methods to create Energy and Reduce National Waste.

Throughout the year we will be organising and participating in several events which are aimed at creating awareness to Bioland Energy as well as initiatives we as a company support. For anyone interested in following our events keep an eye out for our Bioland Energy branding and keep in mind that all information of our events will appear on our website as well as our social media pages.

*If you would like us to be involved in your event or would like to give us a suggestion you are welcome to send us a message via our contacts page.

In the meanwhile we wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2020.

Kind Regards,

Bioland Energy Team

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