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Planting with a Purpose

Bioland Energy joins with Pascal English School to plant 100 trees.

"He Who Plants a Tree, Plants a Hope". This well know quote by Lucy Larcom metaphorically emphasises the impact of planting trees both figuratively and literally. The power of these words impact both our present and our future realities where our hope is based upon.

At Bioland Energy we strive to get involved in programmes and initiatives which will have a positive impact in creating sustainability, protecting the environment but more importantly ensuring a positive environmental legacy based upon what we do day by day.

Our latest Bioland initiative brought together 40 students and teachers from the Environmental Club at the Pascal English School. Here students and teaching staff came together to plant 100 trees. Trees which were planted included Cypress Trees and Pine Trees. The trees which were planted were carefully selected to suit the environment which they were planted in. This took into account resilience to the terrain and the ability for the trees to thrive during the cold winter months and harsh summer months.

Each participant was provided with a hat, refreshments as well as an informative brochure which includes some important facts about the Benefits of Planting Trees, Did you Know Facts and Informative Points on How to Help the Environment. It is important that students from a young age learn to plant and continue to plant to help protect the environment. By learning these principles the effects of deforestation and carbon emissions can be curbed to avoid further environmental destruction.

The biggest take away from an initiative such as this one is that students are educated sufficiently about the environment and planting trees properly. It is furthermore important that students continue to create awareness to planting and informing people about environmental issues as much as they can.

It is only through the respect of the environment where we can appreciate its true value and natures pure beauty.


Take a look through some of the pictures of the day !

*We would like to take the opportunity to thank all who participated.

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Bioland Info Team.

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