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Blood Donation 2020

We Thank You!

Yesterday afternoon we hosted our annual blood donation drive which took place at our Bioland Head Office in Aradippou, Larnaca.

Our staff as well as clients came between 2.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m to donate blood towards saving lives. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that gave up their time yesterday and donated blood towards a worthy cause.

Becoming a blood donor remains important in helping hospitals treat patients who are in need of receiving blood. We would also like to extend our thank you to the medical staff that were also in attendance during yesterday's blood drive.

We at Bioland will continue to help and support such drives. We look forward to doing another drive in a couple of months time. To see more on yesterday's event and to see what it entails you are welcome to browse through some of our pics. We look forward to having you participate in the future.

Bioland Energy Team.

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