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Bioland Energy Ltd: Sponsors of the Cyprus Paralympic Committee.

(Bioland Energy Ltd CEO Dimitri Constantinides joined with Dr. Andreas Roumbas)

Bioland Energy Ltd is the proud sponsor of the Cypriot Paralympic Committee. We look forward to supporting the athletes and watching their qualifying journey into the Tokyo Paralympics which will take place between the 24th August 2021 till the 5th September 2021.

We thank Dr. Andreas Roumbas along with the rest of the Paralympic Committee for all their efforts in supporting the athletes and bringing their stories to light. This past Sunday, the television program 24 Ωρες, featured athletes Carolina Pelendritou, Antonis Aresti, Maria Markou, Victoras Pendaras and Evangelos Martis conveying each athlete's heartfelt journey, determination and persistence in reaching their athletic goals.

We wish each athlete the best of luck in achieving their best results in up and coming qualifying events.

We furthermore applaud each Paralympic athlete for representing our country so proudly and we look forward to working more closely with the Cyprus Paralympic Committee.

To view the 24 Ωρες Paralympic Broadcast Press the Link below:


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