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Christmas is a time for giving!

As we navigate the festive season we are acutely aware of a large number of families and organizations in need. Every year we look to assist as many people and organizations as possible to alleviate the pressures of the festive season in order to cover the needs of those most vulnerable in our community.

Aside from our food drive which we held in early November, we made donations to schools, vulnerable families and to welfare organizations who reached out to us for some assistance within December.

Simultaneously, we ran a Toy and Clothes Collection Drive at our Head Offices from 28 November 2022 to 19 December 2022. Where we reached out to colleagues and customers to donate their previously loved items. During this drive, we were fortunate enough to collect over 20 bags of clothes and toys which were given to PASYKAF and the Red Cross Famagousta Branch.

We would like to thank all those that generously donated towards these causes and for continually supporting our initiatives run within the year.


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